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Cheap Car Rental is here!

When you’re in Melbourne cheap car rental can sometimes be quite difficult to find without scrolling through the internet for hours at a time researching.

We get it completely! However, we believe there are solutions out there that will cut down the time needed to book a car, so we will run through a few.

Seeing as we live here we don’t hire cars here in Melbourne. Simon does hire cars through his work so that has given us the perfect chance to test out the market when it comes to grabbing yourself a bargain.

There are a lot of factors at play here that you yourself will need to weigh up such as how many people are travelling, how long you and/or they are staying and how much luggage each person is taking because if you’re like us then it differs greatly.

All things being equal though we are going to go with a compact car for a start and at the cheapest rates.

We continually search the web for Melbourne cheap car rental sites, so you guys don’t have to as it really does change quickly and can become a time suck.

What I have found though is one group stands above the rest continually, and that is Enterprise.

They were the clear winner when we started and continued researching and booking. Neither one of us had heard of them prior so it was a pleasant surprise to find someone new. Not only to find them, but to have a good experience booking through them.

And just a total disclaimer, we don’t receive anything from these guys or any other company we mention on this page.

We found they were a pleasure to deal with and were fantastic with pricing, however to get the absolute best price book through Vroom where you can sometimes save even more.

We saved an average of $8aud per day on a small trip, which I know isn’t much, however if you’re visiting for a couple of weeks then it adds up quite quickly.

However first I would get in touch with Enterprise and ask if they will beat that price too.

In many cases we found that you could get a really nice upgrade when comparing prices from the big brands to Enterprise.

For example, if you’re staying for 2 weeks the price for a compact car is around $1300aud from guys like Avis whereas you can have an SUV for that same amount of time with Enterprise.

To make a comparison on the compact car Enterprise came in at a touch more than $700aud. Now that is what I like to call Melbourne cheap car rental!

If you want to know the absolute, rock bottom, cheapest price where space isn’t an issue at all then we have the solution for you.

No, we aren’t talking about a paddock bomb or beaten up rust bucket, or a scooter.

This is a lot cheaper than even Enterprise too, almost a third cheaper, so it gets our Melbourne Revealed Hidden Gem award.

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Anyway, back to what you came here for, Melbourne cheap car rental.

The third tip we will let you in on is if you would like that peace of mind sticking with the big guys, because let’s face it sometimes that can be a factor too as we discuss, then there is only one way to go and that’s with Hertz.

These guys are a terrific all-rounder that have good prices on larger vehicles.

Possibly the best part about these guys is the wide selection of vehicles they offer so if you’ve got a lot of people and/or a lot of baggage and the icing on the cake is the fact it’s so easy to get the car.

The last thing you want to be doing after getting off a long flight is walking around looking for the car rental place or meeting someone not at a booth.

Hertz has the booth right there on exit, so it can’t be much easier so in that regard you will have to weigh up ease of use versus cost a little bit too.

So, there you have it, cheap car rental in a nutshell and while we may not have answered all your questions we certainly will if you drop us a line in the comments section.

When you're searching Melbourne cheap car rentals you can end up with one just like this!

Photo of what Melbourne cheap car rental looks like.If space is important to you then a wagon or SUV is going to be the right way to go and with so much competition out there it still can be a cheap option.

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