Does cheapest accommodation in Melbourne exist?

Cheapest accommodation in Melbourne does!

Travellers want a bargain and trying to find the cheapest accommodation in Melbourne can sometimes be a bit of a hassle and a time suck.

Really there are so many websites that claim to have the cheapest accommodation in Melbourne, but do they really?

Is there any difference between the hundreds of sites out there that you can book online?

The short answer is yes there are some differences and sometimes it can mean the different between hundreds if not thousands on your accommodation bill over the course of your trip.

Let me just say this, is I would recommend using these sites as they can have some terrific bargains, and at the end of the day that’s what we’re here for.

The trick is to not get caught up in wading through each one, as mentioned stick to a couple and search from there. We will give you our favourite two a little later on.

First thing is first though, you need to decide on location of your stay. Is staying in the CBD a must for you or could you head a little further outwards.

If you’re planning day trips sometimes it can be easier to stay just outside the CBD.

Most travellers like the atmosphere of the CBD though as there is so much to do and the restaurants are amazing.

So when you’re selecting where to stay, ask yourself where is it that you would like to have as a base for the trip and what are we doing on a daily basis?

These are all important questions to ask when thinking about the cheapest accommodation in Melbourne.

Next thing after you have selected your location, you will need to think about your budget overall.

How much have you planned on spending per night?

This is an important tip for first time family travellers, and really for anyone going on a longer vacation.

Make sure you don’t go over that planned spend per night. If anything go under it as you will absolutely come across things you haven’t even thought of yet (some of them will be in here shortly).

Look on the bright side, spend a few dollars less than your accommodation budget and it may give you the chance to do something extra special at the end of the journey.

Anyway, back to where you are going to put your head down each night.

If you’re staying for an extended period of time then you need to go for the discounted rooms, that will make all the difference when paying for the room. It can be the result of paying $155 per night versus $120 per night.

So there are a few sites that we use when travelling and are fantastic when it comes to getting a good deal. The first is Trivago and the reasons we like this site isn’t just the good prices.

Just as important in price is the functionality of the site and these guys do a fantastic job at making it easy for you to use and move around the site to select the right accommodation for you.

The second is when we’re heading off for an extended stay, and we have used them for a CBD stay in Melbourne for 6 nights is AirBnB.

Depending on what platform you have gone through there is one last tip that we will give you.

If it’s outside of the AirBnB and you are going to book a hotel or suite, always give the actual hotel a call and get a quote on the same trip. If they quote you above what you have been given on a travel website then let them know and ask if they will beat.

The good ones do beat it, however it doesn’t always go your way, if that’s the case then simply book on the site.

You might have noticed this might not be for everyone, but we’re not going to do the absolute cheapest accommodation in Melbourne.

That would be your hostels etc, however we wanted to concentrate more on the family holiday on this one (we will be doing a hostels one in the future for sure that’s going to be amazing so let us know your thoughts and we will include them too!).

Cheapest accommodation in MelbourneGone are the days of cheapest accommodation in Melbourne being run down hotels with dirty beds and linen. Now you can get a brilliant room just like this at bargain prices.

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