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Hi, Mardi & Simon here and we're The Insider’s. This is a brief rundown about us and what we wanted to do with Melbourne Revealed. Our mission is to give you up to date information about the best places to see and do Melbourne as a city. We don’t want to only give you the generic stuff either that other sites concentrate on because of advertising dollars. We want you to enjoy an authentic Melbourne experience.

Anyway, a little about us, Simon has been living in Melbourne since 2015 and since arriving in the city I have deliberately tried to experience things as a tourist. That could be the country kid in me coming out, I just had that mindset that because I wasn’t born here I shouldn’t act like a local.

That has led me, whether it be directly or indirectly to Melbourne Revealed and allowed great insight to what tourists feel when visiting certain areas, attractions and experiences.

The first few months of visiting Melbourne I was exactly in your shoes as a tourist, because at that stage I was one.

Eventually I made the decision to move here full time and haven’t looked back, and the adventures from a tourist’s point of view have certainly followed me and made me want to experience more.

That is what has made melbournerevealed.com so enjoyable as well.

Mardi on the other hand has lived in Melbourne for all of her…. years.

Anyway, let’s just say Mardi’s experience in Melbourne is expansive and that has given us a fantastic base to work with.

Together we hope to go through all the trials and tribulations in this wonderful city, so you can make an informed decision on what would suit your holiday itinerary.

We only had one rule, show people of the world the real, unfiltered Melbourne and give tourists some information on things to do in Melbourne.

To be honest it was and still is a lot of fun (we have so many more pages to do and so many that we have already started), it gave us a great excuse to head out and about to these amazing, and some not so much, places.

On some occasions it also gave us the excuse to act like kids again, because you know, we had to experience things like kids visiting Melbourne would!

There is also a third member to the Melbourne Revealed team and that is our dog Dusty.

He is an integral member as he allows us to trial dog friendly places. He absolutely loves the beach (his favourite place is Brighton Beach huts ever since we went there for this site), his tennis balls and the balloon game (video coming soon!).

If you’re bringing your dog or favourite animal on holidays with you, get in touch with us if you need more information.

Dusty the dog has always been about us.The third amd most important part of about us is Dusty, and he just loves showing off his teeth.

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