Get the inside word on the little known gems around Melbourne

Melbourne is quickly becoming the go to destination in Australia for international travellers and this guide will not only cover all the topics to allow a more fun filled holiday, it will give you secret tips on insider locations and much more.

We will cover the real Melbourne, not just typical tourist attractions (although we do cover these as well of course because there are many fantastic ones available). We will take you where no other guide will.

The beauty of this guide is we have a unique and specific perspective on the city that relates to our wonderful visitors, but you can read all about that here because this isn’t about us, it’s all about you!

Essentially, there are years of information/experiences, both good and bad, crammed into the guide so you can fit all of that into your holiday if you so choose. That is our goal, that is our passion and our mission, to give you the best and most up to date information all in one place to make life that little bit simpler and to give you options.

Speaking of options, on our journey we picked up many common problems people have when they are on holiday, but they don’t realise it until they are here.

One such problem surrounded food and where to eat. The city has such a rich history and diverse culture with food and we are spoiled for choice. The more we talked to travellers the more it became obvious far too often people would turn to fast food takeaway or the big chain instead of heading into a local restaurant/café for a meal due to being overwhelmed with too many options.

It would be an impossible task to write about every single one (we would love to try though!) as there is on average one new restaurant/café opening every week to join the some 6500 and that is why some of you don’t end up selecting these fantastic venues.

What we have been able to do though is once again give you some information to have confidence you’re walking into a fantastic experience.

The true experience is what visitors are looking for because the city is somewhere you can enjoy practically any activity that you could dream of.

There is much more to her than you see in the glossy travel advertisements though so take your time in here, sift through whatever topics tickle your fancy and dream up your perfect itinerary…because it is possible.

This guide will be an ever expanding one so be sure to check back in from time to time and see what additions we have made.

Whether you are just planning or dreaming up your perfect vacation you will be able to find the right information to make an informed decision on what we hope is the time of your life.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback (particularly if we haven’t covered a topic that you would like us to) don’t hesitate to contact us because this guide is meant for you about things to do in Melbourne and we appreciate you stopping by and hopefully gaining a lot of information and resources.

penguins in melbourneYou will find many hidden gems in Melbourne Revealed, ones that even many of the locals don't know about like fairy penguins right in the city!

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